What are Cell Phone Jammers?

A cell phone jammer is an instrument to prevent cellular phone from receiving and transmitting the mobile signals to the base station. Unfortunately at many places such as churches, mosques, libraries and movie theaters require them, because not all cell-phone users know when to show common courtesy for others and disconnect their calls. Therein arises the need for a wireless jammer.

It’s great to be able to call anyone at anytime, but not necessary for others to sit through one side of a conversation about an incredibly personal situation as the talker shares intimate details with his friend as well as everyone else in the area?  While most of us just grumble and move on, some people are actually going to extremes to retaliate. Cell phones are basically handheld two-way radios. And of course the radio signal can be disrupted, or jammed using these devices.

Cell phone jamming devices were originally developed for law enforcement and the military to interrupt communications by criminals and suspects. Military and military operators also use them as a bomb jammer, to prevent detonation of RCIED devices.

Today, they are used (where legal) in civilian settings because of the demand from theaters and cinema outlets. There is a wide range of cell phone jammers starting from a pocket sized to as big as to jam an entire sport area.

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