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ringing sound at all placed  - Room Jammer cell phone mobile jammer very high power cell phone mobile jammer The increased technology
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easy - double power cell phone mobile jammer Audio Jammer
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Articles on GPS Jammer
Double High Power Jammer (DHPJ)
  The increased technology
of the cellular phone has
made life convenient and 
easy - double power jammer

US $1969
Indian Price: Rs. 99000

Note: no battery backup
This model is a Double high-powered cell phone jammer. It produces a huge 32 watts of jamming power that has an effective range of 40 meters to 120 meters indoors.

This model is an extremely powerful and professional piece of equipment that performs brilliantly.
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"USED BY USA ARMY personnel "

Mr. John, Indonesia
"works even in open spaces as promised"

Arthur Road Jail Mumbai – India
"Best performance in the high security ANDA CELL during demonstration."

Application Areas
  • Hospitals.
  • For ICU & Operation Theaters
  • Church/Mosque/Cathedral/ Temple/ Religious establishment
  • To keep solemn mode in religious ceremony by removing unwanted noise of mobile phones
  • Other public places such as Petroleum stations
  • Schools, Military Establishments, Court Houses, Government Buildings, Casinos.· Places of Worship (mosques, shrines, churches, temples, etc.)
  • Theaters (concert halls, playhouses, opera houses, movie theaters, etc.)
  • Museums
  • Casinos
  • Government Buildings
  • Country Clubs
  • Sporting Events (championship tennis and golf tournaments, etc.)
  • Law Enforcement Facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Private Property and Residences
  • Mobile Phone Free Zones and Prohibited Areas
  • Prisons (Mobile Jammer High Power)
  • Offshore Oil Platforms (Mobile Jammer High Power)
  • Chemical Storage / Transfer Facilities.
Important Note
The jamming area is influenced by the location of the cell tower and the obstacles between cell tower & the cellular jammer.
It means that in normal condition if the distance is close between the cell tower & the cellular Jammer, it will have very less jamming area. Likewise, if there are obstacles & walls between the cell tower & the cellular phone, the jammer will give more jamming area.
Specifications (DHP Jammer)
  Jamming Range 30 to 120 meters
(Depends on signal strength, at the site to be jammed)
  Cellular Systems (CDMA): 860 - 885
(GSM): 925 - 960
(DCS.PHS): 1800 - 1990
GSM / CDMA / PCS / TDMA / DCS / AMPS / NMTP / Nextel
  Power Supply 32 watts 24 volts DC
  Dimension L 308 x W 186 x H 53 mm
  Net weight 2 kg
  Antenna Patch Panel antennas.
Contact Us: Antenna e-mobile solutions (Mr. Kumaar)
  Cell +91 9821072175 / 9323644555
  E-mail  belifalmail@gmail.com / info@belifal.com
  Articles on GPS Jammers

We have already shipped over 1000 jammers to USA, UK and Europe in last six months to many satisfied customers. Our cell phone jammers are also being used by US Military Officers in Iraq !!!
Our Jammers are being used in USA for boosting work productivity by small factory owners.
Even Professors in US universities are using our jammers to discourage mis-use of cellphones in class rooms by students

We welcome all trade enquiries, please contact us for full pricing and sales information. We can supply any quantity to any country and offer excellent bulk purchase deals.